Coaches from the Kelowna Volleyball Club will be posting links to resources for players, coaches, & parents here!


How to Destroy Your Child’s Athletic Future in 3 Easy Steps – Matt Russ, Sport Factory
If you are finding yourself excited at the potential of your child’s athletic career, I invite you take an objective look within.

Proper Technique to Forearm Pass – Patrick Johnston, Madawaska Volleyball Camp
Good passing/reception demo videos are hard to find.  This clip discusses the important segments of a forearm pass.

Motor Learning: Block vs Random Practice – Trevor Ragan,
A very good short video on the difference between Block and Variable and how each effect training and performance.
Secondary YouTube link here.

An Open Letter to the Athlete We Must Stop Recruiting – Becky Carlson, NCAA D1 Women’s Rugby Coach, Quinnipiac University
A sample response from a coach to a prospective student-athlete and 10 things we know about this particular prospect.

17 Phrases Your Players Want To Hear From You – Doug Samuels,
Quality coaches that build consistent programs understand the importance of recognizing the behaviors of players that you want modeled in your program.

Thinking Like An Olympian – Don Patterson, VolleyballUSA Summer 2016 Issue
Advice from aspiring elite athletes and coaches in Volleyball from Andrea Becker, USA National Team and UCLA Assistant Coach


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