KVC Club Rules/Policies


1. All members of the Kelowna Volleyball Club ( KVC) -athletes, coaches, officers, executive, and other volunteers- agree to comply with the rules, regulations, policies and codes of conduct of the Kelowna Volleyball Club.
2. All members of the KVC further agree to comply with the rules, regulations, policies, and codes of conduct of Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada.
3. Club fees must be paid by the due dates as set by the Board of Directors for his/her program for that competition year.  Players who are in arrears may be suspended from club activities until fees are fully paid.
4. The Kelowna Volleyball Club encourages healthful habits which are beneficial to athletes.  Therefore, at no time will the possession of tobacco products, alcohol products, and/or illicit drugs be tolerated.  Any player, found in possession of such products while under the supervision of the KVC staff, will be expelled from the club.  Any player who is taking a controlled substance as part of a legitimate medical treatment or therapy must notify his/her coach immediately.  A letter of explanation from the player’s physician will be required.
5. The instructions of coaches concerning practice procedures and event behaviour must be followed by the players.  Failure to follow such instructions may result in expulsion from the club.
6. It is the responsibility of players to inform the coach of any injury they have suffered which will affect their ability to participate.
7. Players are expected to be punctual, cooperative, and considerate while they are participating in KVC activities.
8. Players are expected to be physically fit enough to safely participate in club activities.  Players with unusually low fitness levels may be suspended until their fitness levels improve.  Players with chronic injuries will require clearance from their family physicians before they can participate.
9. Players may not leave venues or team accommodations without the expressed permission of the coach or supervisor.  In general, parents, other relatives and friends may visit you at the venue, but you may not leave to visit them without your coach’s permission.
10. Attendance at practices, meetings and competitions is mandatory.
11. Transportation to and from events within the Okanagan Valley is the responsibility of the player and his/her family.  Parents/guardians must be prepared to transport their sons/daughters to and from venues within the Okanagan Valley.
12. Transportation to and from events outside the Okanagan Valley and accommodations if necessary will be the responsibility of the KVC.  Players will be responsible for the cost of their meals and personal incidentals.


All KVC coaches are volunteers.  No coach is paid.  They are only compensated for expenses they make on behalf of the club.


Club fees cover:
1. Transportation to and from out-of-valley events.
2. Accommodations at such events.
3. Rental of gym space.
4. Technical training/coaching
5. Competition direction/supervision
6. Entry fees to all events.
7. Registration with Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada.
8. Uniforms.
9. Equipment.
10. Coaches Expenses.
11. Administration Expenses.

A minimum deposit of $250.00 is due on or before the first practice of the competition year.  Fees and payment schedules are set annually. A full refund, minus a $50.00 processing fee, will be available if notice of withdrawal is given before January 15 of the current competition year.  After that date, refunds are only available upon application to and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

It is important for parents to recognize that the Kelowna Volleyball Club is a non-profit society incorporated for the benefit of its members.  While we are non-profit, we are not a charity, nor are we a public agency.  We are, in fact, a private corporation.  When a player registers with the Kelowna Volleyball Club as a member, he or she has entered into a contract with the Kelowna Volleyball Club.  In exchange for a fee(s), and a commitment to comply with the rules, regulations, policies and code of conduct of the club, the KVC has agreed to deliver a program of services to that player.  In virtually all cases, parents pay this fee and have every right to expect that his/her child will receive a quality program.  However, parents do not have a direct part in determining what that program will be or how that program will be delivered.  The management of the KVC is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors, officers, and staff of the KVC.  Certainly, parents are welcomed as volunteers who can make significant contributions to the delivery of those programs, and voice their concerns about the quality of those programs, but they are essentially clients who have chosen to participate in the program or not.

The Kelowna Volleyball Club has always appreciated the support of parents.  We have and continue to welcome both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.   Suggestions and recommendations can always be directed to the Board of Directors for consideration.  In fact, it is this parental support over almost twenty years that has helped our organization grow into one of the largest and most respected volleyball clubs in Canada.  We are proud that many of the procedures and policies developed by the KVC, with input from parents, are adopted by numerous other clubs as best practices.

Unfortunately, as the club has grown, we have had some experiences where a few parents have not been able to recognize the line between support and interference.  In recent years, our coaches have experienced a few incidents where parents have created situations that have embarrassed the coach/or athletes, and consequently, retarded the development of that team.  We ask parents to remember that our club is still a volunteer organization and we are fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteer coaches providing their services without compensation to our players.  Some of our coaches are just beginning their careers and are not as experienced as others, but all have received formal and informal training.  Therefore, it is never proper for parents to openly challenge the decisions of coaches, nor to openly criticize the performance of coaches and players.

We all realize that there is a significant emotional element to sports.  However, it is the responsibility of both parents and coaches (the adults) to keep those emotions under control.  It does not do the team, the player and certainly not the coach any good if a parent over-steps the boundaries of civil behaviour.  If a parent is unhappy with the actions of a coach or a player, he or she should notify the coach.  Then, if after reasonable dialogue, there is no resolution, the parent should notify the Men’s or Women’s Program Coordinator, and then finally, the Board of Directors.  If parents have concerns about the policy and practices of the Club, they should notify the Board of Directors either via email or landmail.  By no stretch of the imagination is the Kelowna Volleyball Club free from making mistakes; however, such errors must be rectified through a civil and orderly process.  Parents should be aware that they, in a very real sense, are as subject to the same KVC Code of Conduct as their sons or daughters, since ultimately, it is often the player who will suffer the consequences of a parent’s questionable behaviour.  We implore you to read the Club’s Code of Conduct so that everyone will have an enjoyable and safe club experience.  If you have any questions, please direct them to the Board of Directors.


The Kelowna Volleyball Club exists for the benefit of it members – players, coaches, officers, staff, volunteers and Board of Directors.  It subscribes to volleyball’s long tradition of maintaining the highest standards of good sportsmanship and ethical behaviour.  We must constantly be aware that the club is here for the enjoyment of all its members and that no person(s) should interfere with the specific enjoyment of another member nor the general enjoyment of all members (the club).  Therefore, as a condition of membership, every member must agree to comply with the following Code of Conduct.

Every Member agrees to:
1. Not engage in acts of violence, abuse, or hostility in any form (physical, verbal, written, or electronic) towards another member or the club.
2.  Not engage in actions which ridicule or embarrass another member or the club.
3. Not openly criticize another member’s performance or competence.
4. Not cheat to gain advantages in any competition, or otherwise commit illegal or unethical acts in order to gain an advantage in competition.
5. Not openly question, nor negatively comment on the decisions of coaches, staff, or volunteers of the club except through the proper channels.
6. Display support and encouragement for the efforts of his/her fellow members and teammates.
7. Deport his/herself with dignity at all times as representatives of his/her club and his/her community.
8. Direct his/her grievances and complaints to the Board of Directors of the KVC using the proper procedures.
9. Refrain from openly challenging the decisions of officials, or criticizing the performance of officials during competition.
10. Comply with the rules, regulations, and policies of the KVC and its supervisory organizations:  Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada.
11. Refrain from using abusive or offensive language either verbally or in written form in any activity in connection with the KVC.
12. Display respect and courtesy for the opposition during competition.
Any disregard and/or breach of any portion of the Member’s Code of Conduct may result in the reprimand, suspension and/ or expulsion of that member by the Board of Directors of the Kelowna Volleyball Club.
Players are also obligated to inform his/her parents and/or guardians, and any other supporters of the behaviour expected of members of the KVC and that similar behaviour is expected of such parent/guardians/ supporters at any competition or practice venue, or in any other environment connected to or related to the KVC.

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